Part 04

Decorative Techniques

Furisode with Palace Garden DesignFurisode with Palace Garden Design
  • Paste-resist (yūzen) dyeing


    Paste-resist (yūzen) dyeing

    The remarkable graduated colors this technique allows, as evidenced in the peony flowers and layers of mist in the lower back panel, lend the scene a sumptuous painterly feel.

About this kimono

Thehe three main techniques for decorating kimono are tie-dyeing (shibori), paste-resist dyeing (yūzen), and embroidery (shishū). A kimono with a combination of these techniques is considered to be of high value and quality. Since they are applied cumulatively during the production of a kimono, there is an order to their execution. For example, the artisan who is working on the tie-dye base begins the creative process of decorating the garment, but is also mindful that this area will feature some other decorative technique, such as gold leaf or embroidery, subsequently added on top. Chiso’s designer is responsible for communicating with each of the individual artisans to ensure they understand their roles, and that the design’s vision is sustained and realized.

Tie-dyeing the fabric
Gold leaf decoration